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Miles per Gallons vs Annual Fuel Cost comparison

So we all know MPG stands for Miles per Gallon but how much difference does it make in a real life. Well the better miles per gallon would save you some money but sometimes at a cost and usually you want to understand if the cost of better MPG is worth. Here I have put together a quick comparison for average of 10,000 Miles per Year usage and MPG from 10 to 70 miles per gallon with 5 MPG intervals. The difference column also tells you that if you were 5 miles per gallon worse the how much more you would have spent on fuel for the 10,000 miles you covered in a year. So you can see that achieving 20 MPG rather than 15 MPG would have saved you £2182 for every 10,000 miles, whereas difference between 35 MPG to 40 MPG is only £234 and 40 MPG to 45 MPG is even £182. So if you spent £5k more on a vehicle to get 50 MPG rather than 40 MPG then you may not gain much out of additional spending.

MiilesAverage MPGPrice per LitreOverall CostDifference10000101.44327310000151.444364-218210000201.4…

50 things you should do by the age of 12

I came across a very interesting article that listed 50 things that you should do or would do by the age of 12 and wanted to share them with you. You may want to see if you have done these at your age or perhaps more appropriately consider to review these for your children who are currently going through development phase.
Climb a treeRoll down a really big hillCamp out in a tentBuild a denSkim a stoneRun around in the rainFly a kiteCatch a fish with a netPlay conkersThrow some snowBuild a sand castle on the beachKick autumn leavesGo sledgingSet up a snail raceBalance on a fallen treeSwing on a swingEat blackberries growing in the wildTake a look inside a treeFeel like you're flying in the windMake a grass. trumpetMake and test a model boatBake a cakeHunt for fossils and bonesWatch the sun wake upClimb a huge hillGet behind a waterfall ( Like the one at Tropical World Leeds)Feed a bird from your handHunt for mini beastsFind some frogspawn or a frogTrack wild animalsDiscover what…