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Convert American Date and Time to British Date and Time - mm/dd/yy hh:mm to dd/mm/yy hh:mm in Microsoft Excel 2010

I had been struggling to get Microsoft Excel 2010 to understand that my data in put is in American date format before I could add some calculations to the date and time. A quick 5 minute googling didn't bring any help so ended up writing a formula and using built in table format helped filling it all the way through the table. So what you have to do is have a date in American format in cell A2 so that the contents of cell A2 look like below. 11/31/14 23:24 You can copy and paste following formula directly in cell C2 and will simply convert your date/time into British date/time format which you can then use for calculations. =LEFT(MID(A2,FIND("/",A2)+1,2)&"/",FIND("/",MID(A2,FIND("/",A2)+1,2)&"/")-1)&"/"&LEFT(A2,FIND("/",A2)-1)&"/"&RIGHT(TRIM(LEFT(A2,8)),2)&" "&TRIM(RIGHT(A2,6)) If this doesn't resolve into a recognisable date in your version of exc

Network Throughput constraints - Layer 2 vs Layer 3 limitations

The time for inventions and making something new are now gone. With the growth of world's population everything from generation of resources to feeding everyone has become lot bigger responsibility. Along with all of this growth trend, the essentials of communication and transport has got to stay up to speed with everything else in order to keep the momentum. You could think of an airport runway to be used in rare instance but how about transporting hundreds of thousands passengers in hundreds of flights every day. Communication technologies that keep everyone informed in order to manage have to become mega scale. There was time when mobile phone felt like an imagination and when data was introduced to allow you few kbps transfer rate it was probably sufficient for an individual at the time but now when you are having to manage whole office or business from one phone on the go you need to be talking 5th generation of mobile network or 5th generation of wireless system after