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1 to 20 Numbers in various languages for kids and childrens to learn Numericals from 1 to 20 in various languages for kids to learn Numbers in languages including English, Arabic, Urdu and Spanish Numbers English Urdu Spanish Arabic 0 Zero صفر cero صفر 1 one ایک uno واحد 2 two دو dos إثنان 3 three تین tres ثلاثة 4 four چار cuatro أربعة 5 five پانچ cinco خمسة 6 six چھ seis ستة 7

Smart technologies taking over social and personal life

You may not realise how the smart technologies have entered into our lives and changed everything over past few years. The change or transition has been very gradual and from simple or no technology today everyone is connected via smart devices. The human social network has directly been impacted with this change when everyone gets busy with their gadgets and feel that they can be more social via gadgets while in reality they are seeing less friends and family. The real social network is shrinking in humans while if you look at the computers and smart devices they seem to be building their own social network where devices are talking to devices and machine to machine has started to take over the monitoring and automation tasks. When you analyse the last half century and look at the change it makes it really scares. The life flows in a circle or cycle sometimes called lifecycle and a destruction is followed by a construction and back to destruction. So how will the takeover of s