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Linux within Windows 10 (bash instead of cmd) - WSL

Linux within Windows 10 Whether you are a Linux/ Unix user, don't find Windows friendly or want to run simple clever stuff in bash shell that Windows shell simply cannot handle, you'll love it. Windows 10 has built in Windows subsystem for Linux delivering native support for Linux features. This is not a virtual machine running in any hypervisor program, no Hyper-V, VMWare Workstation or Oracle Virtualbox required. Because it works natively you also have access to windows drives and directories which is very useful if you want to run any scripts or even grep or awk type commands on files in your windows directories. So how do you do it? It is very simple and here are the steps you have to carry out. Press Windows+R and enter " OptionalFeatures " in Open box and click OK to run. From Windows Features form select "Windows Subsystem for Linux" and hit OK. Wait for it to find required files and complete installation. Select Restart and wait for it

CoVid-19 Statistics and Charts

Statistics based on some specific metrics are listed below. The data is based on daily information from Worldometer and updated manually. Charts will update automatically. Please use links below to get to individual charts and feel free to bookmark this page but do not bookmark direct chart link as it may change. These charts compare statistics for countries including China, Italy, UK, US, Pakistan & India. (Does not work in Safari Mobile) Please click on links below for specific chart, more to come. Death Doubling Rate Chart showing death rate doubling in x number of days. Survival Rate This chart shows trend of patients successfully recovered vs total closed cases. Death rate comparison Comparison of deaths per cases every day showing trend comparison and days behind. Cases reported No of cases reported, how far they are behind each other and trend. Deaths reported No of deaths reported with trend comparison betwee