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Learn how to make a website - in other words coding a website

Website is usually a bunch of information and coding lines with some images and layout ideas you put in your own way. It does require little bit of coding but with very little intelligence and lot of effort you can really do anything you can imagine with websites. There are a number of components you will have to first review and understand before start writing the fully coded website. These include following areas that you will have to run through. HTML5/ XHTML and CSS3 These are basing website coding languages that a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome can read and display the output for users. You can see these easily for any website you browse by selecting the Display Source option of your internet browser. TWITTER BOOTSTRAP Not taking you to tweet but is a method of coding the HTML & CSS that doesn't only make it simpler and easier to understand and code but also simplifies the website presentation for users. Sometimes this is also ref