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An invention into Snowflake Chart

In order to breakdown a number into further group and further and further I was looking for some visualisation techniques and unfortunately could not find anything within Microsoft's latest Office Suit, Goolge Charts or any other third party that I could find on the internet. I ended up sticking with MS Excel and used pie but what I need was multiple pies coming out of a pie chart which Excel doesn't do for you. There is a Pie in Pie within Excel 2010 but it can't do anything more than that. I then ended up creating multiple pies manually and added drawings between the pies for it to look like one chart depicting multiple pies in a pie which did the job for me. Now the challenge was what to call it and since it very much looked like a snowflake I named it Snowflake Chart. I'll publish more details on how to create it or an example at a later date.

Recovering from WD My Book Live update failure

sudo parted -l sudo fuseext2 -o ro -o sync_read /dev/sdb4 ~/wd sudo mount -a cat /etc/fstab // /media/myNet cifs username=****, password=****, iocharset=utf8, sec=ntlm 0 0 rsync -azvr --progress Data/ /media/myNet/Data/ MB SEC 10m  1.0 sec 100m 10.0 sec 1000m 100.0 sec 1024m 102.4 sec 1g 1.7 min 10g 17.0 min 10g 0.28 hrs 100g 2.8 hrs 200g 5.6 hrs 500g 14.0 hrs 1000g 28.0 hrs 1500g 42.0 hrs 2000g 56.0 hrs 10361943.94 bytes/sec 10119.08588 kb/sec 9.881919804 MB/sec