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50 things you should do by the age of 12

I came across a very interesting article that listed 50 things that you should do or would do by the age of 12 and wanted to share them with you. You may want to see if you have done these at your age or perhaps more appropriately consider to review these for your children who are currently going through development phase.
  1. Climb a tree
  2. Roll down a really big hill
  3. Camp out in a tent
  4. Build a den
  5. Skim a stone
  6. Run around in the rain
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Catch a fish with a net
  9. Play conkers
  10. Throw some snow
  11. Build a sand castle on the beach
  12. Kick autumn leaves
  13. Go sledging
  14. Set up a snail race
  15. Balance on a fallen tree
  16. Swing on a swing
  17. Eat blackberries growing in the wild
  18. Take a look inside a tree
  19. Feel like you're flying in the wind
  20. Make a grass. trumpet
  21. Make and test a model boat
  22. Bake a cake
  23. Hunt for fossils and bones
  24. Watch the sun wake up
  25. Climb a huge hill
  26. Get behind a waterfall ( Like the one at Tropical World Leeds)
  27. Feed a bird from your hand
  28. Hunt for mini beasts
  29. Find some frogspawn or a frog
  30. Track wild animals
  31. Discover what's in a pond
  32. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool
  33. Go on a nature walk at night and/or daytime
  34. Plant it, grow it & eat it
  35. Go swimming
  36. Go rafting or in a canoe
  37. Find your way with a map and compass
  38. Cook on a campfire
  39. Go on a climbing wall
  40. Find a geocache
  41. Look for a 4 leaf clover
  42. Learn to play an instrument
  43. Ride a donkey on the beach
  44. Learn how to swim
  45. Chalk on the ground
  46. Look at the stars at night time
  47. Ride a bike
  48. Traveled in Bus, Train & aircraft
  49. Been on a rollercoaster
  50. Tried learning another language

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